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The Product:

Each distributor is completely disassembled, cleaned, tested and then re-assembled using a combination of Roadster and late Nissan EI distributor components.  The breaker plate is modified where necessary to replace Nissan's original plastic cage and 3 ball bearings, which was prone to breakage.  Units are made with a 7.5 degree pre-emission mechanical advance mechanism unless specified otherwise.  Synthetic lubricant is used throughout the process.  All finished distributors are function tested on a Distributor tester which spins them up to 5000 rpm (the limit of the machine).  All new high quality cap and rotor are installed.  A wiring harness is included and includes a jumper to bypass the factory installed ballast resistor on the Roadster firewall.  A new O-ring is provided and the cap contacts and electrical connections are treated with silicone dielectric grease to protect the connections.  Your new distributor arrives clean and ready to install.

Standard finish is bare cast aluminum or Cast aluminum enamel, custom colors available on request at time of order.

Includes a lifetime exchange warranty for the original purchaser, minus shipping costs.  This covers anything mechanical except abuse and excludes wear items like the distributor cap and rotor.  Electronics are warranted for 2 years.

Standard USPS Shipping for all orders within the Continental USA is $25.00 . Canada and International customers please Email for quote in advance.  Customs, taxes and duties are the responsibility of the recipient.  We will send a PayPal invoice once your order is ready to ship.  Distributors are built to order and may take up to three weeks to ship, though they typically ship much faster.

1600 and 2000 SU EI Distributor
Built as outlined above, including a properly functioning advance mechanism.
    Price                                    $319.00  
                        (plus required $95.00 refundable core charge and shipping)

Note: See listing below for pricing on complete ignition packages
2000 Solex EI Distributor
Built as above, but no vacuum advance and a locked breaker plate.  Mechanical advance only, as the originals.  Also for 1600's using similar carburetion.
Price     $289.00
(plus required $95.00 refundable core charge and shipping)

Note: See listing below for pricing on complete ignition packages
Accessory Parts

Ignition Coils
        Standard Black                    $38.00
        Chrome                               $45.00

These coils are high output and matched to or exceed the OEM EI requirements from Nissan at the time of manufacture!  NOTE: A new 12V coil is REQUIRED for proper operation of your new EI Distributor.  Why not by the coil at the same time?

Spark Plug Wires - Roadster Applications
        OEM quality Black                $37.00
        Custom Colors                     $47.00 (Blue, Red, Yellow, call for availability!)
        Premium Black                     $51.00

Another top quality product offering from East Coast Roadster! Other applications and custom length plug wires can be made upon request, call or e-mail for a quote.

Distributor Cap and Rotors
        Cap and Rotor Set                $24.50
        Cap only                              $21.00
        Rotor only                            $  5.00
        Budget Option
        Aluminum Contact Cap           $10.00

I am pleased to be able to offer high quality Distributor caps and Rotors for the EI application. These caps feature all brass contacts and solid sturdy construction.  You won't find a better cap or rotor, and these are what I ship exclusively with the EI Distributors.  Now offering an economy option, standard aluminum contact caps for $10!

Spare Electronic Ignition Modules
These are used but tested good.  Need a spare for racing, or that long trip? Why gamble and guess whether or not that junk yard piece is any good?

        Spare Ignition Module            $118.00
        Cracked, repaired module      $45.00 When available

Cracked modules are repaired and sealed with epoxy and tested as good.  They function fine, but may not be cosmetically attractive.  All modules are warranted for one year from date of purchase.

NOTE: Shipping costs for accessories will vary slightly but is generally $7.15 for USPS shipping.

Complete EI Distributor Ignition Packages
Why not enjoy the convenience of matched components all from one place?! Our complete packages are available, containing the distributor assembly outlined above, a high output coil and a set of high quality spark plug wires.

Package Pricing (1600 or 2000)
        SU                                     $389.00 
        Solex                                 $359.00
Either package requires a $95.00 refundable core charge, and $25 shipping.

Custom spark plug wire sets are available on these packages for $5.00 to $20.00 additional, stock, color and style varies, but most requests can be accommodated.
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