East Coast Roadster
The origin of the electronic ignition conversion for the Datsun Roadster has been hotly debated, and, while an interesting story, has yet to be settled. The only thing not argued by anyone who owns one is their performance.  They are dependable, simple and offer a great alternative to points or other systems.  Built using a combination of original Roadster parts and later Nissan distributors, they provide a simple self contained replacement for the original points system with a substantial increase in voltage and performance. 

Gary Boone built and sold over 277 of these units up until he retired in 2007, passing his  business on to Dave Brisco, in 2010 once again the torch has been passed on to me.  Gary's methods and procedures are still used, while some parts have been upgraded to improve and simplify the construction.  While not the only maker of this conversion, the "Gary Boone", by sheer numbers, is the  most popular one out there.  The system gives owners an ignition system requiring minimal maintenance and once set, maintains it's timing setting indefinitely.
Original Nissan Electronic Distributor, before the conversion.
Finished Roadster EI Distributor (SU)
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