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Datsun 1600, 2000 Fairlady Sports Cars
Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty
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"Why not just add a cheaper aftermarket EI system
to my existing distributor housing?"

There are quite a few reasons why it is better to "spend the money now" on an electronic ignition. But most simply, switching out the mechanical ignition points alone does not address common areas of failure on these 40+ year old units, there is always underlying wear, often severe I  have now dismantled dozens of Roadster distributors for these upgrades, and they are almost all suffering in one or more areas.  I personally used an aftermarket system with no known problems. Then I swapped mine out for a new East Coast Roadster Distributor and was blown away by the performance increase.  I had gotten used to the reliability and quick starting with EI, but I was quite surprised at the increased low end power and general increase in power on acceleration.  When I took my old distributor apart, I found most of the following:
  • The mechanical advance is typically set-up for smog applications especially if your Roadster has a 1968 and up distributor.
  • The mechanical advance weights, and springs are often stuck, broken, or very close to breaking.
  • There is typically main shaft wear, if the distributor shaft can be "rocked" side to side within the distributor housing, or lifted more than .030 inches then the housing bushing is likely to be severely worn and the shaft bushings are likely worn and should be replaced.
  • The vacuum advance is almost always trashed and completely non-functioning.
  • The bearing mechanism on the breaker plate is often frozen up and non-functioning.
  • Broken metal bits, and old grease are found in the interior of the housing
A new distributor might seem like a significant expense on the surface, but, it has been carefully rebuilt with all tolerances measured and set.  The mechanical advance is set-up to 7.5 degrees (pre-smog settings), the mechanical advance springs and the weights are matched to the shafts to eliminate play and give a proper advance curve. On SU carb models, a properly functioning vacuum advance is installed.  On Solex models we eliminate the vacuum advance and lock the breaker plate.  Everything moving gets a quality synthetic grease application.  All of the electronic ignition components are OEM Nissan specification, the distributor is either clean bare aluminum or painted so it looks as good as it works and only a high quality brass contact distributor cap and rotor is installed - details, details, details.  Finally the East Coast Roadster Distributor carries a limited lifetime exchange warranty for all mechanical parts. 

In short, you get what you pay for!
AT EAST COAST ROADSTER We offer top quality custom re-manufactured electronic ignition distributors designed as "drop-in" solutions to easily replace the points and condenser-based original equipment systems delivered with these classic cars.  Our bolt in replacement offers increased performance, reliability, drivability and improved gas mileage to make your driving experience as enjoyable as possible!

Products include:

  • Electronic ignition for all 1600, 2000 and negative ground 1500 models with either SU or Solex carburetors.
  • Custom Spark plug wires from stock to performance and in various colors
  • Ignition Coils and accessories
  • Ignition packages, everything you need in one box!

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